One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo

A Japanese helicopter manufacturing company Hirobo created a one-man electric helicopter concept presented at Tech expo in Nagoya. The single seat helicopter can fly for 30 minutes without producing any noise or pollution, and can travel at the speed of 100km/h. The company believes that because of this technology, Japanese market alone will grow to… Continue reading One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo

Interactive Cloud Made With 6,000 Bulbs

An art installation created by Canadian artist Caitlind r.c. Brown made from over 1,000 working light bulbs on pull chains and some 5,000 burnt-out bulbs. Visitors can interact with light installation by pulling the chains turning some lights on or off, creating a flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud. The cloud structure was part of the nuit blanche all-night contemporary arts festival in Calgary, canada. Check out the video below. via: Dvice