Emirates A380 And Jetman Dubai Formation Flight

In a thrilling new video, Jetman Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai use their jet packs to fly in formation with an Emirates Airbus A380 over Dubai. Also check out the behind the scene video of the preparation and planning to execute this stunt.

Jennifer Aniston Stars in Funny Emirates Airline Commercial

A new Emirates Airline commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston having a nightmare where she discovers that her plane doesn’t have a bar, a shower or any of the luxury services that an Emirates A380 offers. Aniston awakes from her sleep to find herself in a first-class private suite on an Emirates Airbus A380. She realizes it… Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Stars in Funny Emirates Airline Commercial

Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline was forced to delay flight (EK038) from Birmingham to Dubai on Sunday because of a hunt for a mouse in the economy class. The mouse was spotted while the plane was preparing to take off. After several unsuccessful attempts by crew members to find the mouse, which took more than an hour. The flight was canceled… Continue reading Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

The Making of Emirates’ 50th Airbus A380

Emirates airlines posted a video online that features a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of Emirates’ 50th Airbus A380. It took 800 workers around 80 days to assemble, install, test, paint, furnish and deliver the iconic double-decker airplane. All of Emirates’ A380s have been assembled and delivered via the Airbus facility in Hamburg, Germany.

Shisha Lounges Onboard Emirates A380 Fleet

Emirates Airlines announced that its planning to trial new shisha lounges aboard its Airbus A380 fleet. The passengers will be able to pre-order a shisha from the onboard menu while at their seat and retire to the lounge after the main meal. The Dubai-based airline revealed that the lounges would be available to business and first class… Continue reading Shisha Lounges Onboard Emirates A380 Fleet