Truck Explosion at McDonald’s

A two propane tanks in a back of a pickup truck caught on fire and end up with a huge explosion in front of a McDonald’s in Coachella, California. Luckily, everyone made it out of the truck in time. The pickup truck was in the drive-thru with the propane tanks in the bed of the truck. When the driver heard a hissing… Continue reading Truck Explosion at McDonald’s

Expendables 2: Stuntman Killed During Explosion Scene

An Expendables 2 stuntman has died following an explosion while filming on the Bulgarian set. Two other stunt people were injured when the film’s second unit stunt team filmed a scene for the sequel in a boat on the reservoir Ognyanovo, near the capital city of Sofia. None of the film’s stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester… Continue reading Expendables 2: Stuntman Killed During Explosion Scene

Leaks Keep A380 Fleet Grounded

Oil leaks have been found in some of the Rolls-Royce engines that power the Qantas fleet of A380 super jumbos. The problem was discovered in three engines of the Australian airline’s six Airbus A380s – grounded since an engine explosion forced a flight carrying 450 people to make an emergency landing last week. Read BBC… Continue reading Leaks Keep A380 Fleet Grounded