7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

Seven-year-old Tiluck Keisam from Manipur, India has set a new world record for the furthest distance limbo skating under bars at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi, India. The hyper-flexible youngster skated 116 meters in 31.87 seconds on December 20, 2015, smashing the previous record of 50 meters. And to keep things challenging,… Continue reading 7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

How to Age Gracefully

Canadian CBC Radio One recently posted video titled “How to Age Gracefully,” that features people of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts. The video was posted as a farewell message to WireTap radio show.

Record Breaker Limbos Under The Car

A world record holding Limbo Queen has become the first person to limbo under a car. Shemika Charles 22-year-old amazed herself and onlookers when she bent over backwards to get underneath the SUV last week. Charles, of Buffalo, New York, has held the Guinness World Record in 2010 when she limboed down to an incredible 8.5 inches… Continue reading Record Breaker Limbos Under The Car

Millionaire Garbage Man

Bahraini YouTuber Omar decided to film a short video that documents his experience with a very unique personality that is hard to find these day. The story is about a Korean man living in Bahrain, named Yo with an unusual habit of picking up trash in and along the streets. He gets up at 5:00 in the morning every day to pick up the litter… Continue reading Millionaire Garbage Man

The Blind Boy Who Saw Without Eyes

The story of Ben Underwood, who despite being blind was able to map a detailed mental plan of his surroundings. Ben was diagnosed with retinal blastoma—cancer in both eyes. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation. When treatments failed, it was clear that Ben had to have his eyes removed or lose his life. At the age… Continue reading The Blind Boy Who Saw Without Eyes