Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Scottish student Chelsea Marr, 24, bears an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She gained herself an incredible number of fans on Instagram rise to more than 66,000 followers, with hundreds liking and commenting on her pictures. But Chelsea revealed she is not a model but works as an operations manager for an oil… Continue reading Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

The Differences Between Fake And Genuine SD Cards

Photographer Bryan Myhr has recently purchased what he thought was a 64GB Transcend SD card from eBay. After the card got corrupted he realize that something was very wrong. So he went and bought a Transcend SD card from a retailer to compare both cards. Myhr explains the differences between a counterfeit and genuine SanDisk Micro SD cards in the photos… Continue reading The Differences Between Fake And Genuine SD Cards

McLaren F1 Replica Made in Poland

A Top Gear fanatic Jacek Mazur, 48, built his own replica McLaren F1 using only scrap and spare parts for about $33,000 thats 250 times cheaper than the real thing. He even paid tribute to his favorite television show by building a tiny rear seat for Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond. The Polish amateur mechanic previous projects have included building… Continue reading McLaren F1 Replica Made in Poland

Submarine Breaks The Surface of a Milan Street

Just off of Via dei Mercanti, near the heart of the old city, a submarine had apparently pushed its way through the paving stones and damaged a nearby car. The road’s shattered surface lay piled up around, with baffled firefighters looking on. Meanwhile, sailors clambered down from the lost submarine’s tower to meet emergency crews… Continue reading Submarine Breaks The Surface of a Milan Street

Fake Psy Fools Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

A fake Gangnam Style singer psy enjoyed a weekend in lap of luxury at Cannes Film Festival, while the real Psy was actually in Singapore for his show. The anonymous impersonator was allowed access to everywhere from the luxurious Carlton Hotel, Martinez Beach, and VIP private parties. He even partied with stars including Bond girl actress Naomie Harris.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mockup Video

A video was released features a mock up version of what the next Galaxy S4 smartphone might look like, including a thinner body, faster specs, a larger screen display and a new laser keyboard dock. The specs on the imaginary smartphone comes with a 13-megapixel camera, and a 1080p Grand AMOLED screen. There’s also a 2.0GHz… Continue reading The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mockup Video

Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby

Over sixteen million people had watched the YouTube clip, showing a Golden Eagle snatching up a baby from a park in Montreal, Canada. An animation students admit the YouTube video of the Golden Eagle snatching baby was fake. According to Mirror, university in Montreal released a statement, admitting it was the work of three of their students. Watch the… Continue reading Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby