Blowing Away Fake Watches With A 50 Caliber Rifle

Richard Ryan from RatedRR received a special invitation Dan Bilzerian to shot some fake watches with his 50 Caliber rifle. Ryan is known for blow things up and filming with slow motion camera. The results are epic! In the video below, watch Bilzerian shots the fake Rolexes, Hublots, and Breitlings with his giant gun in slow motion.

Groupon Sold Fake Tissot Watches

Hundreds of Tissot watches were sold by, the leading daily deals website. The Groupon Chinese website offered the Tissot watches for around 690 Yuan ($109), which is a good deal. unfortunately, the watches were fake, and were discovered by the buyers that its accessories to be of poor quality. Accourding to Reuters, the joint venture between… Continue reading Groupon Sold Fake Tissot Watches