YouTube Rewind: Looking Back on 2016

YouTube Spotlight has released its annual YouTube Rewind for 2016. Over 200 YouTube famous stars and celebrities gathered from around the world to recreate a mashup of the top-viewed videos, music videos and commercials for this. Watch the video below.

Champions of the World: Musical Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Remix artist John D. Boswell aka “Melodysheep” has created “Champion of the World“, an incredible musical tribute to the greatest sportsman of all time Muhammad Ali, using iconic videos clips and quotes of the legendary boxer. Watch the video below.

Google’s Year in Search 2015

Google looks back at the most major events of 2015 and putting them in a moving video. Reflecting on people, places, and most unforgettable moments that captured the world’s attention throughout the year. Explore 2015 biggest stories and top trending in Google search from around the world below. Take a look at Google’s top searches… Continue reading Google’s Year in Search 2015

The Most Popular Hit Videos of 2015

Director Luc Bergeron aka Zapatou returns this year with the 8th edition Best of Web videos, compiling over 500 amazing clips of the most popular hits seen on the Internet in 2015. Watch the video below.

Snowden Gets Flooded with 47GB of Twitter Emails

Edward Snowden was immediately flooded with 47GB of notification emails when he decided to join Twitter on 29 Sep 2015. Snowden was swamped with followers, replies, favorites, DMs and re-tweets. The NSA whistleblower mentioned on Twitter, that he forgot to turn off notifications. He currently sits at 1.31 million followers, and counting.

Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Scottish student Chelsea Marr, 24, bears an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She gained herself an incredible number of fans on Instagram rise to more than 66,000 followers, with hundreds liking and commenting on her pictures. But Chelsea revealed she is not a model but works as an operations manager for an oil… Continue reading Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Born With Curiosity: The Grace Hopper Documentary

Born with Curiosity is a documentary film and interactive media project about American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral Grace Murray Hopper. Filmmaker Melissa Pierce was inspired to make the film after reading a tweet from Dave Hoover of Dev Bootcamp, and producer Marian Mangoubi. The documentary film features archive footage and photographs, oral… Continue reading Born With Curiosity: The Grace Hopper Documentary

Real Life Peter Griffin At New York Comic Con

A New York man who looks and sounds exactly like the Family Guy character Peter Griffin has become an internet star, with video of him impersonating the character getting millions of hits on YouTube. Robert Franzese, from Long Island, had fans of the show doing a double-take, after he attended the 2014 Com Con comic book convention in Griffin’s trademark,… Continue reading Real Life Peter Griffin At New York Comic Con