Kangaroo Street Fight in Australia

YouTuber Rodney Langham posted a video of an ugly street fight between two kangaroos in Australia. The clip lasted five minutes, as the wild animals exchange punches and kicks on the street and then in a front yard of a house. My only criticism about the video is the music, It should have been the… Continue reading Kangaroo Street Fight in Australia

THE SLAP: Video Of People Slapping Each Other

Screenwriter Max Landis created a video called “THE SLAP” where he gathered a couple of friends and acquaintances, and asked them to hit each other in the face. Some of them slapped a little bit too hard, and some were scared to even try at first. As Landis puts it, “No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as they asked… Continue reading THE SLAP: Video Of People Slapping Each Other

Freeze Flash Mob at 360 Mall

Talents Detection collaborated with a couple of volunteers in making a Freeze Flash Mob video “Stop, Think, Decide”, which took place at 360 Mall, Kuwait. The idea of the video is to help in identifying the critical issues facing this country nowadays. Watch the video below.