The Human Torch Drone

To promote the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot movie,¬†20th Century Fox teamed up with¬†Thinkmodo advertising agency¬†and¬†built a flying drone that resembles the Human Torch. The¬†team of fire fighters lit up the¬†lightweight human-shaped drone and sent it skyward into¬†New York skies to simulate the super powers of Marvel’s Human Torch. The stunt took place¬†at the Nassau County… Continue reading The Human Torch Drone

Amazing Throwable Fire Extinguisher

The Japanese made (blue chemical) Nagekesu SAT 119 throwable fire extinguisher is possibly the quickest and easiest method of putting out a fire in your home or office. I think Kuwait Fire Department should do a research over this blue chemical, and if its proven that its safe, then they should¬†approve¬†it for the residence of… Continue reading Amazing Throwable Fire Extinguisher