Largest Homemade Private Aquarium

Bill Wann has built the largest a reef tank in North America that holds 20,160 gallon. From the filters to the pumps, he built everything at home in his shop. The tank is so large, that the only way to clean is jump in with scuba gear. Watch the video below.

Fisherman Use Cigar as Fish Bait

Some professional fishermen love to try new techniques and different kind of baits that no one’s ever heard of or even thought about before. Believe it or not, one fisherman and his friend were fishing in Kuwait, used a cigar as a bait to catch a fish. Watch what happens in the video below.

Barracuda Attacks Giant Trevally

A video features two men fishing in Alphonse Island, Seychelles. One of the fishermen caught a Giant Trevally when all of a sudden a Barracuda jumped in and attacked the Giant Trevally and bit half of it.

Mantis Shrimp Powerful Punch in Slow Motion

In the latest episode of Smarter Every Day, Destin goes to James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, to watch a Mantis Shrimp powerful punch in action and how it can smash a glass test-tube containing a crab. The peacock mantis shrimp can swing its club-like appendages so fast, the acceleration is comparable to that of a bullet exiting the muzzle of a gun. Watch the Mantis Shrimp… Continue reading Mantis Shrimp Powerful Punch in Slow Motion

Finz Diving Center New Look Website

Finz Center just launched their new look website with new categories to choose from, which also includes a blog page coming soon. The center provides scuba diving training courses for all levels, from open water to instructor level. Owned and operated by seasoned NAUI & PADI professionals dedicated to ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Telephone: + 965 9913 2072 Telephone:… Continue reading Finz Diving Center New Look Website