EcoMill Treadmill

EcoMill Treadmill, made by Woodway, is an eco-friendly workout machine that requires no electricity. The device works through the use of an on board generator that converts human movement into energy. In addition to being greener than their electric relatives, self-powered treadmills can charge a phone or other gadget via USB while you sweat. EcoMill Treadmill does’t come… Continue reading EcoMill Treadmill

Maxx Bench: First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press

Maxx Bench is a free weight bench system with a built in gravity release for safety. The Maxx Bench uses a hydraulic system to allow the athlete to rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever. Its a clever idea, which will put an end to the dangerous accidents of getting trapped… Continue reading Maxx Bench: First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press

Super Fit 53 Year Old Man

Anthony Alderman from Brooklyn, New York, is a ridiculously ripped vegan that hasn’t eaten red meat since 1980. Alderman 53-year-old wakes up everyday at 7A.M with his daughters to get a quick workout in on one of the nearby neighborhood scaffolds, and that’s what kept him looking young and fit all these years. Take a look into the life of the… Continue reading Super Fit 53 Year Old Man

Athos Smart Apparel

Athos is the world’s first smart apparel that measures muscle performance in real time. The built-in sensors reads your muscle effort, heart and breathing rates, sending it to the Core (brain of the system), and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The suit keeps track of your movement, breath, and heart beat. The moisture wicking fabric keeps you… Continue reading Athos Smart Apparel

Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike has launched the new Nike+ Fuelband SE. The band is mostly the same, only with some color: it comes in yellow, pink, or red accenting and the original black body. This new second-generation product has a similar design to the original version, with a rubberized band that fits snugly around the wrist comes in different sizes. The… Continue reading Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

Shocking Facts About Diabetes in Kuwait

Diet Center created an infographic to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of diabetes in Kuwait. The infographic shows 25% of Kuwaitis are suffering from type 2 diabetes and the other 80% are at risk from eating a large quantities of food regularly (often junk food). To interact and learn more, follow Diet Center on Twitter @dietcenterkw

The Treadwall M4 Pro

The Treadwall M4 Pro is an innovative machine that offers a 4 foot-wide climbing area and acts just like a treadmill, only for climbing instead of running. It’s designed to be more compact, more affordable, and with a small footprint it fits anywhere. The wall’s angle can be adjusted to fit your needs and it a perfect exercise machine… Continue reading The Treadwall M4 Pro

Incredible Story of a Very Strong Man

This is an incredible story of a disabled veteran called Arthur, who doctors told him he would never walk unassisted again. One day he read an article about Yoga and decided to give it a try, and that article changed his entire life. If you need some inspiration today, look no further than this amazing motivational… Continue reading Incredible Story of a Very Strong Man