Elide Fire: The Fire Extinguishing Ball

Elide fire extinguishing ball is the quickest and most effective way of stopping the fire instantly. The ball can be thrown into an open flame, and it will explode in a cloud of flame suppression chemicals, extinguishing it in the blink of an eye. There is also holders designed specifically for the ball, it can even… Continue reading Elide Fire: The Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire Breathing with 48-Camera Array

Photographer and filmmaker Mitch Martinez made this incredible two-minute video using an array of 48 DSLR cameras stacked side-by-side and a RED Epic camera shooting at 120 fps. The breathtaking displays of fire breathing from performers Mike Icon and Terry Lee Fields II in “bullet time”.

Turning Soda Cans Into Liquid Metal

Grant Thompson from YouTube Channel “The King of Random” demonstrates just how to turn recyclable aluminum cans into awesome metal objects by melting them down to liquid metal. Watch the video below.

Fire Facial Treatment in China

Therapists at beauty salons in china are offering women a bizarre new treatment call “Huǒ liáo”, where open flames are used to stimulate cell regeneration to eliminate sagging and wrinkles. This treatment can be used on different parts of the body, such as the face, legs, back and neck. Here’s how it goes, they apply a towel soaked in alcohol… Continue reading Fire Facial Treatment in China

Flaming Tennis Ball in Slow Motion

In the spirit of all the sports happening right now,  Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy came up with slightly more entertaining 2012 London Olympics inspired spin on the sport of Tennis. They created a slow motion video that shows them soaking a tennis ball in gasoline and smacking it with a tennis racket. The video was shot at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera.… Continue reading Flaming Tennis Ball in Slow Motion