257 CES Gadgets in 3 Minutes

The Verge posted a 3 minute video on YouTube that features the latest gadgets at CES 2015. The voice-over done by Dieter Bohn, who read segments from Walter Benjamin’s 1936 essay “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction,”.

Samsung New 360-degree Ring Speakers

Samsung Electronics has unveiled two new speakers WAM6500 (above) and WAM7500 (below), along with new audio products to be launched at 2015 International Consumer (CES). They use breakthrough Ring Radiator technology, which the company claims allows sound to flow in a 360-degree radius. The ring speakers will be released in two models, the stand-type WAM7500… Continue reading Samsung New 360-degree Ring Speakers

LG Unveils 18-Inch Flexible OLED Display

Electronics giant LG unveils the 18-inch flexible OLED features a high-definition resolution of 1200 x 810, and can be rolled up to a radius of 1.1 inches. It is based on OLED technology, an advanced display that can show images in richer colors. South Korean display makers are planning to develop a flexible and transparent… Continue reading LG Unveils 18-Inch Flexible OLED Display

LG G Flex: Self-Healing Smartphone

LG G Flex is an extremely durable smartphone features a special coating that helps it stay in pristine condition even after being lightly scratched up. The device strong durability can restore its original curved form after being pressed flat to the ground by a 32 Kg. Watch the video demonstration below to find out more about the self-healing process and… Continue reading LG G Flex: Self-Healing Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Round: The World’s First Curved Smartphone

Samsung Electronics introduced GALAXY ROUND, the world’s first curved display smartphone. The phone is now available in Korea. The round comes with 5.7-inch screen, powered by a snappy quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, it also comes loaded with 3GB of RAM and runs Android 4.3. Unfortunately, the 13-megapixel camera doesn’t come with the new OIS module… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Round: The World’s First Curved Smartphone

PaperTab: Flexible E-Paper Tablet

The PaperTab is a flexible e-paper tablet, developed by researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, which looks and feels just like a sheet of paper. The PaperTab features a flexible, high-resolution 10.7-inch plastic touchscreen display built by Plastic Logic, the company borne from Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory, and relies on a… Continue reading PaperTab: Flexible E-Paper Tablet

Samsung AMOLED Showcase

A Showcase of various Samsung AMOLED displays at FPD 2010 in Japan. Samsung did it, the future is here. Flexible Display The 4.3-inch Flexible Display demonstrating (above) is a great capability to flow into smooth and attractive curves on a gorgeous looking Device. On the Other hand, 14-inch transparent AMOLED display was showcased in a prototype 14-inch… Continue reading Samsung AMOLED Showcase