Video: How An Airplane Is Made

An incredible video¬†posted by¬†MinutePhysics that¬†explains how Airbus¬†designs and creates a commercial airplane. The short video¬†takes us¬†behind the scenes¬†to the¬†company’s¬†headquarters and facilities¬†to look at what it takes to bring the¬†legendary airplane to life.

Incredible Visualization Of Air Traffic Above The UK

The National Air Traffic Services (NATS) uploaded a video that features the air traffic patterns in and out of the UK for a single day. The traffic includes flights to and from London’s Heathrow, the world’s busiest two runway airport. NATS has previously created similar video to the traffic above Europe that was posted last March. via: Laughing Squid

Incredible Air Traffic Video

An air traffic data visualization¬†video¬†released by Britain’s¬†air traffic¬†controller (NATS)¬†created from a real flight data. It features the flights traffic¬†on a typical summer day by highlighting the intensity of the operation in Europe.

Airbus A330 Engine Explosion Caught On Video

A Thomas Cook Airbus A330 aborting takeoff after what appears to be an engine explosion. The entire scene was caught on video by plane spotter Simon Lowe who posted it on YouTube. The airplane was carrying 325 passengers heading to the Dominican Republic at Manchester Airport.

British Airways Electronic Bag Tag

British Airways teamed up with Designworks¬†to design a highly innovative electronic bag tag¬†to speed up the passenger check-in times and to eliminate the need to print out a paper tag.¬†The¬†new¬†time-saving¬†system can cut baggage drop-off times to about 35 seconds from the 3 minutes it routinely takes now The customers can track their luggage by holding… Continue reading British Airways Electronic Bag Tag

Something You Don’t Want To See On An Airplane

A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight bound to Seattle looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a damaged area on the wing with a handwritten note saying: “We know about this.” Spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said that it was an approved trim repair to the corner flap on the right wing. A… Continue reading Something You Don’t Want To See On An Airplane

Delta Flight Delayed By Massive Swarm Of Bees

A Delta Air lines flight was delayed at Pittsburgh International Airport on Wednesday¬†when a¬†thousands of bees swarm on the plane’s wing. According to¬†KDKA-TV¬†the crews were getting ready to fuel the plane when the bees gathered on the wing and master beekeeper Stephen Repasky¬†had to be called out. Repasky says such swarms form when colonies become… Continue reading Delta Flight Delayed By Massive Swarm Of Bees

Leaks Keep A380 Fleet Grounded

Oil leaks have been found in some of the Rolls-Royce engines that power the Qantas fleet of A380 super jumbos. The problem was discovered in three engines of the Australian airline‚Äôs six Airbus A380s ‚Äď grounded since an engine explosion forced a flight carrying 450 people to make an emergency landing last week. Read BBC… Continue reading Leaks Keep A380 Fleet Grounded