YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat

Live streaming platform YouNow has officially launched in the Middle East and is changing the way people interact online. The website and mobile app is the first platform of its kind to enable real time interaction between broadcasters and their fans, while also offering influencers the opportunity for revenue. With over 100 million user sessions… Continue reading YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat

Iowa Smartphone Driver License

The Iowa Department of Transportation will allow drivers the option of receiving their newly issued driver’s licenses via a mobile app on their smartphones. Drivers can present their mobile phones to a law enforcement officers during traffic stops. The new app will require a pin number for verification and should be highly secure. The Iowa Department of Transportation is planning to issue… Continue reading Iowa Smartphone Driver License

Keezy: IOS Beatboxing App

Keezy is an iPhone app that allows you to created your own short sound clip. The new IOS Beatboxing app is free to download on the App store, it can record noises to transform them in to tunes. Watch the video, demonstrated by Reggie Watts, to learn more about the Keezy application and see it in action.

Mobile App for Ramadan By Simplified Informatics

Simplified Informatics, Kuwait launched an iPhone and Android Application “ جدول بوطبيله”  exclusively for Ramadan. The users can view daily Arabic TV shows scheduling or set a reminders for each show. The app includes a variety of functions like the Ramadan calendar, setting a reminder for Imsakia and Magrib local timings of your favorite city and also can view Kuwait… Continue reading Mobile App for Ramadan By Simplified Informatics

Mixel: A Social Media Art App For iPad

Mixel is the world first application that combines art and creativity with social media. You create your art collage (the “mixel”) with the elements you choose on an iPad, such as photos or images in your library, then you connect to Facebook and start sharing your art. Other Mixel users can then ‘remix’ your art… Continue reading Mixel: A Social Media Art App For iPad