Five Incredible Airbus A350 XWB Formation

To celebrate the delivery of the new Airbus A350s to commercial airline companies, five of the planes took to the skies for a spectacular formation flight above Toulouse, France on September 2014. After careful planning, run-throughs with pilots and ground staff, the planes put on a memorable display. Manoeuvring more like fighter jets, the Airbus’ performed a diamond formation. Watch… Continue reading Five Incredible Airbus A350 XWB Formation

Hannes Arch Flying Over The Alps

Red Bull Air Force pilot Hannes Arch take a wild ride over the beautiful landscape of the Austrian Alps. He takes off from what appears to be a mountain road. Watch the video below.

Luxury Chalet Edelweiss in Courchevel 1850

The ultimate luxury vacation chill out! Inside the stunning ski chalet which boasts its own spa, library, cinema and private nightclub, as well as two personal chefs, two butlers and a private instructor. The five-star accommodation is located in the exclusive Courchevel 1850 in the Trois VallĂ©es region of the French Alps. The chalet is available for rent between $110,000… Continue reading Luxury Chalet Edelweiss in Courchevel 1850

Flying Eagle Point of View

A breathtaking video from an eagle’s point of view as it soars above the stunning ice-lined valley and the snow capped mountains at the French Alps. This remarkable short video was apparently captured by a small camera attached to an eagles back, records the bird’s effortless, spectacular flight above the Mer de Glace area in Charmonix, in south-eastern France. Previously, I… Continue reading Flying Eagle Point of View