Smashburger Opens in Salmiya

Last night I was at Smashburger Salmiya soft opening to try their burgers for the second time. Once again, it was awesome! I had the limited edition Chicago burger, it comes with a half-pound Angus burger served on a pretzel bun and topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, haystack onions, tomato and mustard. You got to try it… Continue reading Smashburger Opens in Salmiya

Ketchup Presser: A New Way to Squeeze Your Ketchup

Most of us who eat at fast food restaurants squeeze the ketchup onto the paper mats that covers the serving trays, which might be contaminated with a potentially harmful substances inside the paper, like the ink itself. Well, in the video below is a new clever French fries packaging designed to squeeze out the contents of the ketchup packet onto the… Continue reading Ketchup Presser: A New Way to Squeeze Your Ketchup

World’s Biggest McDonald’s in London

The world biggest McDonald’s restaurant is getting ready for the Olympic Games in London next month. It’s located in Stratford, east London just 900 feet away from Olympic Stadium. The fast food chain is expected to sell 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 portions of fries while serving an average of 1,200 customers per hour during its busiest times. The restaurant… Continue reading World’s Biggest McDonald’s in London

I Love The Shake Burger!

On my last trip to Dubai, my brother sent me a message telling me that I have to try the burgers at Shake Shack Restaurant before I get back to Kuwait. I read a lot of reviews about their burgers especially the Shake Burger, that people would wait in lines for hours just to eat this burger.… Continue reading I Love The Shake Burger!