Reporter Mistakes Mushroom for his Microphone

A video shows a Turkish reporter interviewing a man with a microphone in one hand and a mushroom in the other. For some reason, the reporter confuses the giant mushroom in his hand for the microphone and starts speaking to it.

Niklas Ajo’s Epic Finish

Niklas Ajo finished the Dutch Grand Prix in incredible fashion last Saturday. He lost control of his bike and drifted dangerously fast towards the walls. Amazingly, he managed to get control of his bike after a few tense seconds and finish the race in one piece. Watch the video below. Photo Credit: Crash

Mayor Forgets to Turn Off Microphone During Bathroom Break

Texas mayor Dale Ross forgets to turn his microphone off before using the bathroom during a city council meeting. City councilwoman Rachael Jonrowe had just started to speak about the very serious topic of antibiotic resistance when the mayor decided to get up and leaving the room for his bathroom break. Jonrowe starts laughing when the councilman begins… Continue reading Mayor Forgets to Turn Off Microphone During Bathroom Break

Crazy Downhill Skateboarding

This longboarder was doing quite well until the last sentence. He goes downhill extremely fast, traveling with a speed of 100 kph (60 mph), and when he gets to the bottom, he nearly gets hit by a bus! Watch the video below.

World’s Luckiest Bicker Survives Crash

A traffic accident that turned into an acrobatic act. A dashboard camera captured a motorcyclist smashes into a back of a car and lands on top of its roof. It’s simply unbelievable! The accident occurred on a Russian bridge near Koroleva. Watch the video below.

News Reporter Swallows A Fly Live On Air

Sky News reporter Adam Boulton swallows a fly live on air as he reports on Cabinet reshuffle in the UK. The 55-year-old veteran began gurgling and then was struggling to get his words out. But after three seconds of choking the veteran broadcaster simply swallowed down the insect. Sky presenter Dermot Murnaghan was so concerned… Continue reading News Reporter Swallows A Fly Live On Air

Skydiving Instructor Hit in the Face with a Shoe

A Student skydivers shoe flies off her foot and hits the instructor in the face seconds after he pulls the parachute. The pair were performing a tandem jump in Australia. Incredibly the woman manages to catch her shoe before it flies away. Watch the video below.

Elderly Couple Flip Their Car Then Pose For Photos

An elderly married couple were driving their electric blue Honda in Bel Air, California, when the vehicle flipped over landing on its left side on a tree-lined street. The hilarious couple posed for pictures with the car, even though the wife was still trapped inside. Thankfully, no one was injured. No word from the police on what caused the car… Continue reading Elderly Couple Flip Their Car Then Pose For Photos