Bronze Statue in Honor of Famed Istanbul Cat

Few years ago, a cat from Istanbul, Turkey namedĀ Tombili has become an internet sensation after posting for photo with him sitting on a concrete sidewalk step. The photos shows the cat leaning on one elbow to watch the street. Sadly, Tombili has passed away in August after a mystery month-long illness. The people of the… Continue reading Bronze Statue in Honor of Famed Istanbul Cat

The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

In the past few months or so, youā€™ve probably seen lots of videos like these circling around the internet. They have been taken from Getty stock video series of baboons in an office, and they have become popular internet GIFs and memes. Hart Productions, the San Francisco-based husband-and-wife teamĀ hasĀ produced the series back in 2003 and… Continue reading The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

A Seagull Steals a Tourist GoPro Camera

A seagull steals a GoPro camera and flies away at CĆ­es Islands,Ā Spain. The German tourist Martin Lozano had set the camera down on a ledge to capture some shots of the sneaky bird as it preened itself. In the video below, the bird lurks close by, keeping a curious eye on Lozano and then suddenly… Continue reading A Seagull Steals a Tourist GoPro Camera

Lazy Crow Takes a Free Ride on Top a Bald Eagle

Photographer Phoo Chan has captured some remarkable photos of a fearless crow hitching a ride on the back of a bald eagle in mid-air at Seabeck, Washington. The predator looksĀ like itĀ didn’t careĀ and carried on as if nothing had happened. The incident only lasted a few seconds before the birds parted and went their separate ways.

Animals Reactions To Seeing Their Reflections In Mirror

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre travelled toĀ Gabon,Ā Africa with his wife and set up a mirror in several locations in theĀ rainforest in order to capture animals walking by. The results are stunning,Ā theĀ hilarious animals were caught on camera admiring themselves andĀ making physical contact with the mirror. Watch the video below.

Time-Lapse Shows Puppy Growing Into A Big Dog Over Time

Filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick four-week old Great Dane puppy named Pegasus from an careless breeder. Meinert wanted document her life every day for as long as she lived. So he decided to create a short time-lapse video showing Pegasus growing from a puppy into adulthood while doing her daily exercises on a treadmill.

Talking Dog On Britain’s Got Talent

The Judges are left open-mouthed when Marc MĆ©tral introduces his talking dog Miss Wendy. Almost 11 million viewers were enthralled by ventriloquist Marc MĆ©tral’s musical hound Miss Wendy on Saturday night. Simon Cowell looked on in disbelief when the dog moved her mouth in perfect time to the 70s classic Feelings. But last night it… Continue reading Talking Dog On Britain’s Got Talent

Realistic Polar Bear Puppet Walks Streets of London

A lifelike polar bear wandered through the streets of the British capital, leaving commuters bewildered at the sight of the unusual acquaintance. The eight foot tall puppet animal first stunned joggers and caused quite a stir when strolling through the Hampstead Heath Park in North London before making his way to Charing Cross Underground station… Continue reading Realistic Polar Bear Puppet Walks Streets of London