Girl Gets Trapped in Washing Machine for 90 Minutes

Going for a spin? An 11-year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah, got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek game with her relatives. She crawled into the washing machine thinking it was a good hiding place. Emergency workers managed to free the child, who was trapped in the washing machine for… Continue reading Girl Gets Trapped in Washing Machine for 90 Minutes

Awesome Cases for iPhone 5

Boombox Ghetto Blaster iPhone 5 Case Apart from basic protection the Boombox Ghetto Blaster iPhone 5 Case adds the classic style from 80s. This illusive design of snap-on case fits perfectly to all the iPhone 5 models offered by different carriers. Available at Amazon for $18.50 and Etsy store at for $17.50. Retro Calculator iPhone 5 Case The Retro Calculator iPhone 5 Case is a silver metallic case with 2D image… Continue reading Awesome Cases for iPhone 5

Funny iPhone 4 Case

We have to admit that the iPhone is the most popular selling mobile phone ever, that’s why you have thousands of third party developers rushing to come up with applications and accessories for this phone. Some of them are creative, others interesting, and some are just so damn funny. If you’re looking for a funny… Continue reading Funny iPhone 4 Case