Hair Freezing Contest

As Canada remains in the grip of bitter cold and winter snowfall record, with temperatures going as low as -30C, one venue decided to make light of the situation. The Takhini Hotel Pools in Whitehorse, Yukon held their Hair Freezing Contest, and found some winners. The freezing of the hair can happen in less than 60 seconds, by going underwater… Continue reading Hair Freezing Contest

Riding With My Momma

Comedian Josh Pray has uploaded a hilarious video of him driving around with his mother in a car while she criticises his driving, his taste in music and just about everything else. After all the screaming and the moaning Josh’s mother leaves the car and chides him for not taking her to any of the places… Continue reading Riding With My Momma

New Hilarious Photos At Nightmares Fear Factory

The Niagara Falls Haunted House Nightmares Fear Factory in Ontario, Canada, uses actors, noises and spooky lighting – though it’s almost always pitch black – in the experience that takes between 10 to 15 minutes journey. The reactions on the visitors are priceless.

The Taser Photoshoot

Photographer Patrick Hall came up with an unusual idea for a photoshoot project. He managed to find a group of people who agreed to get tased with a stun gun and have their reactions photographed. “Some people screamed while others were quiet,” Hall explained. “A few people looked like they were experiencing pleasure while others had the most painful faces I’ve ever… Continue reading The Taser Photoshoot

Elderly Couple Flip Their Car Then Pose For Photos

An elderly married couple were driving their electric blue Honda in Bel Air, California, when the vehicle flipped over landing on its left side on a tree-lined street. The hilarious couple posed for pictures with the car, even though the wife was still trapped inside. Thankfully, no one was injured. No word from the police on what caused the car… Continue reading Elderly Couple Flip Their Car Then Pose For Photos

Siblings Recreate Childhood Photos for Parents

Three siblings recreated 12 of their favorite childhood photos to make a calendar for their parents. “It was amazing,” said Eugene Eydelman, the father of  Aleks, 27, Valentin, 24, and Konstantin, 26, said of receiving the calendar as a New Year’s gift.

Girl Gets Trapped in Washing Machine for 90 Minutes

Going for a spin? An 11-year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah, got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek game with her relatives. She crawled into the washing machine thinking it was a good hiding place. Emergency workers managed to free the child, who was trapped in the washing machine for… Continue reading Girl Gets Trapped in Washing Machine for 90 Minutes

Hilarious: Family Photo Gone Wrong

Elizabeth Cramer accidentally threw her 6-month-old son (Edison) into the air as she attempts to swing him around for a family photo shoot. The photo was taken back in August in San Clemente, California, when the mother was trying to calm the baby down so the shoot would be easier. The pictures has become popular online with over two million views… Continue reading Hilarious: Family Photo Gone Wrong