Cubitat: A Clever Compact Cube Four in One Apartment

A new 10 x 10 x 10 cube featuring a built-in bed, kitchen, bathroom and living space is set to change the way we think about small-space living. Italian designer Luca Nichetto and developers at Urban Capital unveiled the standalone Cubitat , described as a ‘plug and play living space,’ at Toronto’s Interior Design Show… Continue reading Cubitat: A Clever Compact Cube Four in One Apartment

Sidewinder: World’s Most Expensive Dune Buggy

A Swedish company called Gray Designs has built the world’s most expensive buggy a¬†price of approximately $246,000. The Sidewinder is designed to enjoy the hobby of sand dune racing in luxury and style, a spokesperson for Gray Designs said. ‘Whether it’s in the Middle East or the US, the Sidewinder is the perfect vehicle to… Continue reading Sidewinder: World’s Most Expensive Dune Buggy

Mercedes-Benz New Concept Car Powered By Its Paint Job

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the¬†Vision G-Code, a concept car that doubles up as a huge solar panel to generate energy. Using something known as ‘multi-voltaic’ silver paint. The SUV concept car or SUC (Sports Utility Coup√©) as Mercedes-Benz calls it, is designed to capture energy from solar rays to power a hybrid engine. It can even… Continue reading Mercedes-Benz New Concept Car Powered By Its Paint Job

London to Brighton Train Ride Over 60 Years

A train journey from London to Brighton, filmed by the BBC, comparing three rides throughout the years. The fantastic time-lapse video shows the same exact train ride filmed in 1953, 1983 and 2013, to reveal the difference of 60 years, to see how much has changed. Check out all three journeys side by side in the video below.

Yo! Home: The Apartment of the Future

Simon Woodroffe, the founder of YO! Sushi has designed a¬†new apartment prototype with a space saving feature easily converts an eighty square¬†meter¬†space (the size of a one bedroom apartment) into a much bigger home. Using techniques learned while touring with Rod Stewart and other musicians, Simon Woodroffe has created a convertible apartment unlike anything we’ve… Continue reading Yo! Home: The Apartment of the Future

One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo

A Japanese helicopter manufacturing company Hirobo created a one-man electric helicopter concept presented at Tech expo in Nagoya. The single seat helicopter can fly for 30 minutes without producing any noise or pollution, and can travel at the speed of 100km/h. The company believes that because of this technology, Japanese market alone will grow to… Continue reading One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

The California-based Mercedes-Benz Advanced Designed Studio came up with a brilliant design for the¬†iconic¬†G-Class SUV, its called the¬†Ener-G-Force.¬†The Ener-G-Force concept was designed to enter¬†this year‚Äôs¬†2012 LA Design Challenge. One of its amazing features is the roof rack, which is actually a way to collect water to be transferred to a converter that creates hydrogen to… Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Microsoft’s Vision Of The Future

¬† The video, titled Productivity Future Vision, Its¬†microsoft‘s vision of what might plausibly look like five to ten years in the future. Microsoft sees touchscreens and holographic displays dominating our daily experiences. Flat surfaces of any kind are transformed into useful, interactive displays as well. Watch how future technology will help people make better use… Continue reading Microsoft’s Vision Of The Future