Motorized Under The Bed TV Lift

You can have your TV silently glide out from under the bed up to a perfect viewing position. Auton specializes in TV lifts, motorized support assemblies that enables users to tuck away their TV’s under the bed, and rises up when needed. Prices starts from $7.600 up to 50 Inch TV’s (Ships fully assembled). Watch the video below.

Amazon Makes First Drone Delivery in UK

Amazon has made its first Prime Air drone delivery to a customer on December 7, 2016 during a private trial in Cambridgeshire, England. The delivery took about 13 minutes from the time customer Richard B. placed his order to the time the package was delivered to his place. Richard B. is just one of two… Continue reading Amazon Makes First Drone Delivery in UK

5 Cool Inventions You Can Buy for Under $30

TechJoint posted about some of the coolest and most innovative inventions out there. Here are some pretty clever invention you can buy on Amazon for under $30. Playbulb Candle cost $18.97. Hydaway Bottle cost $14.95. Kinsa Smart Thermometer cost $14.46. Pocket Tripod cost $25. Mynt Smart Tracker cost $19.99. Watch the video below to learn more about the products.

Shop U: Drone Delivery Service in Kuwait

Shop U online company revealed its latest delivery method with plans to use drones to fly small packages to consumers doorsteps around Kuwait. A first of its kind in the Gulf region, the drone service is expected to be launched within next month. Watch the video below.

Jeremy Clarkson Unveils Amazon Prime Air Delivery Service

Amazon has released a new video featuring former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson talking about the benefits of using Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service. The new drone looks a lot different from the prototype that Amazon showed us about two years ago. This one has a more commercial look with the package item hidden… Continue reading Jeremy Clarkson Unveils Amazon Prime Air Delivery Service