Human Hoist: Getting Mechanics In The Right Position

The Human Hoist is the coolest chair on wheels! Kevin Ferguson and Eric Brittingham’s brilliant chair design for auto mechanics. It swiftly transforms from a chair to a creeper, making the auto mechanic’s job easier. It has neck and back support and magnetic tool trays. Watch the video below.

Futuria: Luxury Home On Wheels

The luxurious caravan Futuria is like a mansion on wheels. This new generation of caravans comes with high-quality furniture and upholstery surfaces are in vogue. You can enjoy all the facilities like bedroom, bathroom, terrace, Jacuzzi and the sports garage, you will have everything you need to stay comfortable. The Futuria caravan is made in Germany and it comes… Continue reading Futuria: Luxury Home On Wheels

Hamilton Scotts: $7.5 Million Sky Garage Apartments

The Hamilton Scotts is a new luxury high-rise residential apartment building in Singapore that will allow residents to park their supercars right next to their own living room. The condominium consists of 56 apartments, including 52 three-bedroom of 2,700 sq ft and two 3,200 sq ft junior penthouse. Each apartment has a parking space for… Continue reading Hamilton Scotts: $7.5 Million Sky Garage Apartments

$6 Million Garage With Gigantic Elevator

Tom Gonzalez bought a luxurious estate on Lake Tahoe, because he needed a place to keep his massive collection of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. So, he sold part of his fortune into building a garage with a huge underground bay capable of holding up to 40 cars. In the video below, take a look at… Continue reading $6 Million Garage With Gigantic Elevator