World’s Biggest RC Helicopter

RC Media World posted a video of a EC-135 ADAC Notarzt Christoph 33 helicopter. The scale model has an 3.50 meters (11.5 foot) rotor diameter, and weighs 49 kilograms (approximately 108 pounds). The model plane was showcased at Modellflugtreffen in Damelang, Germany.

GRIFF 300: Heavy Lifting Drone

Norwegian Griff Aviation company has created a heavy-cargo drones that can lift up to 225 kilogram (496lbs), in addition to its own 75 kilogram (165lbs) weight, depending on payload, and pilots through the air for 30 to 45 minutes on a single charge. The Griff drone will be available in three models the 125, 300… Continue reading GRIFF 300: Heavy Lifting Drone

Human Flying Drone

YouTube star Casey Neistat took a snowboard and went flying over the Scandinavian ski area pulled by a custom-built giant drone. The drone itself is an absolutely massive 16-rotor machine, powerful enough to lift a human, given the weight it needs to be able to carry. Watch the video below.

Super-Drone Flying Machine With 54 Propellers

A YouTube user gasturbine101 has posted a video online of a unique flying machine with 54 counter-rotation propeller that looks like a small group of drones attached to each other. In the video below, shows a test flight of the flying machine, which its inventor claims that it can carry approximately 164 kg (360 lbs) and fly for… Continue reading Super-Drone Flying Machine With 54 Propellers