Yamaha’s Motobot Rides a Motorcycle

Yamaha has developed an motorcycle-riding robot that aims to improve rider safety in someday. The Japanese company engineers designed the humanoid robot to ride the motorcycle much like humans would, and have full control to the steering and throttle controls, as you’ll see in the promo video below.

The World’s First Hotel Staffed By Robots

Motherboard takes a look inside the Henn na Hotel in Japan which is staffed entirely by robots. The hotel goes beyond using robots as a receptionist, as it is among the first to use facial recognition technology instead of swipe cards as room keys and a cool luggage carrier robots. Watch the video below.

Sword Master Vs Industrial Robot

Robotics engineers at the Yaskawa Electric Company in Japan have trained one of their Motorman industrial robots to use a Samurai sword to competed against Japanese Iaido master Isao Machii. The robot was studying the movements of Isao, as he wielded a katana sword, and then take him on over a series of challenges to show… Continue reading Sword Master Vs Industrial Robot

The Robotic Work Force At Amazon’s Warehouses

Amazon showcased their robotic work force to the media of Cyber Monday, the biggest US online shopping day of the year. The company has installed more than 15,000 of the helpful machines across 10 US warehouses, including Kiva moving robots, Robo-Stow robotic arms, and enhanced vision systems. The online retailer has unveiled its eighth generation fulfillment center, which… Continue reading The Robotic Work Force At Amazon’s Warehouses