Giant Hand Cranked Music Box

Niklas Roy has created a giant mechanical music box with working instruments that can be operated using a big hand crank. The remarkable “Music Construction Machine“ is on public display at the Goethe Institute Pop Up Exhibition in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the cultural capital program. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Greg Benson’s Magic Photobomb Prank

Greg Benson from YouTube channel Mediocre Films has recently pranked tourists outside TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood by photobombing the photos that he takes of them. Benson asks a friend to come up behind the people with a cardboard cutout of himself. Watch the video below.

Lexus NX on Ice Wheels

Lexus UK and the expert sculptors at Hamilton Ice Sculptors have created an amazing piece of art, they handcrafted tires made from crystal-clear ice for the Lexus NX. The challenge was two-fold: how to recreate the Lexus five-twin-spoke alloy wheel and its Yokohama winter tires with incredible precision, while also making a wheel and tire made from ice that would… Continue reading Lexus NX on Ice Wheels

Fly Geyser: Amazing Colorful Man-Made Geyser

Fly Geyser is a small geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada. The man-made geyser is located near the edge of Fly Reservoir and is only about 5 feet (1.5 meter) high, by 12 feet (3.7 meter) wide, counting the mound on which it sits. In the video below, watch how this colorful geyser was created… Continue reading Fly Geyser: Amazing Colorful Man-Made Geyser

Lexus Created Full-Scale Car Made Out of Cardboard

Lexus has created a full size origami IS vehicle made of laser-cut cardboard sheets. The car company teamed up with a UK design firm, LaserCut Works to build the full size cardboard car, mounted on a steel chassis, with an electric motor to power the car. The recyclable sculpture required 1,700 pieces of 10mm (0.4 inches) thick cardboard, each… Continue reading Lexus Created Full-Scale Car Made Out of Cardboard

Chinese Artist Builds City Model With 50,000 Coins

Chinese artist He Peixi created a spectacular model of Southwest China’s Chongqing city out of 50,000 coins. Peixi spent two hours a day for a month piling up both ancient and modern coins from 11 different currencies to replicate the city’s landmarks, bridges, and other buildings.

A Giant Statue Of Top Gears The Stig Going To Poland

A giant statue of Top Gear’s mystery test driver “The Stig” is set to travel to Poland as part of promotion for new global BBC channel. The nine-meter high statue will be visiting Amsterdam before touring Berlin and eventually arriving in Poznan to celebrate the launch of the new brit channel starting in Poland, Feb.… Continue reading A Giant Statue Of Top Gears The Stig Going To Poland

Incredible Giant Globe Made Out of Hand Painted Matchsticks

New York-based artist Andy Yoder created a giant world globe sculpture made entirely of hand painted matchsticks. Andy has spent nearly two years on his piece, Early One Morning, painstakingly applying thousands of painted matches to create the sculpture. “Early One Morning” will be on display at the Winkleman Gallery in New York City as part of the PULSE New York… Continue reading Incredible Giant Globe Made Out of Hand Painted Matchsticks