Auto-Shade Sunglasses

Designer Yousif Ashoor created a pair of 3D-printed autoshade sunglasses with┬áautomatic┬álenses┬áthat can slide into place over his eyes in sunlight, and slides out in the shade. The automatic sunglasses are triggered when a sensor detects ultraviolet (UV) light, or vice versa, in seconds. Don’t be surprised if you find these type of sunglasses available commercially,… Continue reading Auto-Shade Sunglasses

Spectacles: Snapchat New Sunglasses With Integrated Camera

Snapchat has released a smart sunglasses with an built-in camera, called Spectacles. The camera can record up to 10 seconds of video from the wearer’s perspective using a 115-degree-angle lens, which is closer to the human eyes field of view. The stylish smart sunglasses will be available in the fall. They will come in three… Continue reading Spectacles: Snapchat New Sunglasses With Integrated Camera

Gauss Eyewear

Gauss Eyewear is a┬ánew invention in optical technology┬áthat protect you from both UV light and blue light, which is emitted by monitors, mobile devices, etc.┬áThe self-tinting lenses automatically adjust itself when exposed to bright light environment, to┬áensure your eyes always stay protected. The team at┬áGauss Eyewear have developed a solution that gives your eyes optimal… Continue reading Gauss Eyewear

New Glasses For Colorblind People

EnChroma has teamed up with Valspar and FCB Chicago to create a pair of glasses that enable colorblind people to see color for the first time in their lives. The experience is often emotional and serves as a reminder of something so many of us take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Watch the video… Continue reading New Glasses For Colorblind People

New Version of Google Glass Will Launch in 2015

Google and Intel will team up to launch┬áthe more improved Google Glass headset next year in 2015, which will be powered by an Intel chip and offer longer battery life than the current Edition, according to Wall Street Journal. Google Glass has already been through a couple of upgrades, one to add compatibility with prescription… Continue reading New Version of Google Glass Will Launch in 2015

Awesome Google Glass Review By Casey Neistat

New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat has made a short video of his European trip using Google Glass. The entire trip was shot with the camera┬áas he travels to Barcelona and London. Neistat loves Glass as a camera, but notes that the┬ábattery life doesn’t last more than 45 minutes. Watch the video below.

OrCam: Sees for the Visually Impaired

The OrCam is a small camera with a speaker mounted into a pair of glasses, connected to a portable computer that helps the visually impaired. The OrCam device understands what you want on its own, whether it’s to read, find an item, catch a bus or cross the road. It does all that with the… Continue reading OrCam: Sees for the Visually Impaired