Ferrari 458 Spider Wrapped in Gold Vinyl

This Ferrari 458 Spider, covered in gold chrome vinyl was spotted in London by car enthusiast Tim Burton Shmee150. The golden supercar belongs to Kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi and was snapped outside a gym in Kensington, London, while Riyadh was training. The Ferrari 458 Spider is the convertible version of the popular supercar and is powered by a 4.5-litre V8 engine with a top speed of 320… Continue reading Ferrari 458 Spider Wrapped in Gold Vinyl

The 100 KG Maple Leaf Gold Coin in Tokyo

An employee of jewellery maker Ginza Tanaka poses with a 100 kg (3527-oz) Maple Leaf gold coin bearing the profile of Queen Elizabeth II at a promotional event for the coin in Tokyo November 6, 2012. The 100-kg coin, which is made of pure gold, measures 53 cm (20.8 inches) in height and is not for… Continue reading The 100 KG Maple Leaf Gold Coin in Tokyo

New Mercedes-Benz Credit Card

The Stuttgart-based Mercedes-Benz Bank which is one of the leading automotive banks in Germany has now introduced a new Mercedes Card with greatly enhanced performance, the Mercedes Card Silver and Gold. The new Card offers the credit card function along with a unique bonus program package of services on the topics of money, travel, protection… Continue reading New Mercedes-Benz Credit Card

Wrought Iron Volkswagen Beetle

The first wrought iron Beetle was built in Mexico, displayed at the Olympic Games in 1968 as a part of Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the events. But this awesome Beetle version you see here is a bit unique, its covered with a various types of texture and motif, making the car look more elegant and stylish. It looks more like a ornate metal gate. In fact, it was… Continue reading Wrought Iron Volkswagen Beetle

24kt Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro

This latest 24kt Gold & Diamonds Graphic-Plated Macbook Pro from Computer Choppers, is a customized laptop is available online. It features polished 24kt Gold and graphics in the plating in addition to a VS diamond logo. If you want to receive a quote for your own design you can contact Computer Choppers, or you can… Continue reading 24kt Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro

Daft Coke By Coca-Cola

Coke is taking its inspiration from French synthpop act Daft Punk with these new limited edition bottles designed to mimic the helmets worn by the duo. The gold and silver bottles will be released this month at clubs and will also be packaged in a collector’s box as a set, made available exclusively through Colette… Continue reading Daft Coke By Coca-Cola