AirPano: Travel Book 360¬į

AirPano Travel Book specializes in taking high definition 360¬ļ panoramas of the most amazing places in the world,¬†like¬†360 Aerial Panorama of Dubai. They have thousands of flat and interactive 360¬ļ photos on their website. The AirPano Travel Book application is now available for iPad and iPhone via the¬†iTunes store. Watch video below to learn more… Continue reading AirPano: Travel Book 360¬į

The Pyramids of Giza On Google Maps

Google Maps has added photos of the Egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza to Street View.¬†Visitors can zoom in on landmarks from above as well as see them from street level. In addition to the pyramids,¬†they¬†also captured photos of the Great Sphinx, the necropolis of Saqqara, the¬†Citadel of Qaitbay, the Cairo Citadel, the Hanging Church and… Continue reading The Pyramids of Giza On Google Maps

A Tour of the British Isles in Accents

YouTube user PJamBarker created an awesome¬†video¬†using google maps¬†for the audio version of the “tour of the accents of the British Isles” by Andrew Jack based on a BBC Radio 4 feature. Andrew Jack is a leading dialect coach in Britain and the USA, with the advantage of both teaching and performing backgrounds. Jack has provided… Continue reading A Tour of the British Isles in Accents

Top Gear Track on Google Street View

Watch behind the scenes video¬†as The Stig accompanies Google’s Street View car around the BBC Top Gear test track in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black. Navigate the Top Gear track on¬†Google Maps and take a tour of the famous test track.

Venice On Google’s Street View

Google’s Street View has taken us around the world¬†to some of the most amazing destinations.¬†You can traveling from Burj khalifa to Eiffel Tower in seconds, or just take a tour at the Lamborghini Museum. On Wednesday, Google launched the¬†360-degree¬†Google Street View¬†of Venice, covering¬†some 426 Kilometers (265 miles) on foot and¬†183¬†Kilometers¬†(114 miles) by boat. View Larger… Continue reading Venice On Google’s Street View

Lamborghini Museum on Google’s Street View

Get a closer look inside the¬†Lamborghini Museum¬†at the comfort of your own home.¬†Lamborghini has made the museum’s interior and its¬†extraordinary supercars¬†available online via Google’s Street View. The¬†Lamborghini Museum¬†is¬†located in¬†Sant’agata Bolognese – Bologna, Italy.¬†There you’ll find everything from production models like the Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago to limited-production rarities like the Reventon and Sesto Elemento,… Continue reading Lamborghini Museum on Google’s Street View

Explore the Eiffel Tower With Google Street View

Discover Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower with¬†Google Street View.¬†Google has¬†extended its Street View imagery¬†to the top two viewing decks of the Eiffel Tower for the very first time,¬†giving users a breathtaking view of¬†the City of Paris from the iconic French monument,¬†with all-new 360-degree photographs. Google has been busy expanding Street View. The… Continue reading Explore the Eiffel Tower With Google Street View