Joby Action Battery Hand Grip

The Joby Action Battery Hand Grip is a lightweight, compact battery charger grip for action cameras. It provides users with a super comfortable hand grip with a built in 2600mAh battery, enough to recharge the connected camera several times over. It can also be used to charge your smartphone or any other devices on location, and use your smartphone… Continue reading Joby Action Battery Hand Grip

Waylens: Smart Action Automotive Camera System

Waylens is a smart action camera system for your car that can automatically identify and edit the best moments of your footage so you can share on any social channel. The device uses data from your car via OBD II dongle as well as its sensors to capture, manage and store all your best moments behind… Continue reading Waylens: Smart Action Automotive Camera System

A 360° Cockpit View of Airbus A320

A video of a 360° cockpit view on Airbus A320 of Swiss flight LX2804 taking off from Zurich International Airport and landing at Geneva International Airport. Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger and first officer Martin Radinger take you to a flight over Switzerland from Zurich to Geneva.

Amazing Video from Famous Places Around the World

Ben Huh has captured some spectacular footage from the places that he visited on his last trip, including Tokyo, Japan, Venice, Italy and Bern, Switzerland. Watch the video below.

DJI Osmo: 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Camera

Osmo by DJI, is a battery-powered handheld 3-axis stabilizer with a 12MP camera that records video at resolution up to 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second and will capture full-HD slow-motion clips at 120fps. The Zenmuse X3 camera shoots cinema-quality stabilization accessible to the average user, while winning over lots of professionals on a tight… Continue reading DJI Osmo: 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Camera

Fire Breathing with 48-Camera Array

Photographer and filmmaker Mitch Martinez made this incredible two-minute video using an array of 48 DSLR cameras stacked side-by-side and a RED Epic camera shooting at 120 fps. The breathtaking displays of fire breathing from performers Mike Icon and Terry Lee Fields II in “bullet time”.

Aeon GoPro Stabilizer

Aeon is a handheld stabilizer for GoPro that includes an LCD screen and joystick for creating an incredible stabilization and professional looking video. The stabilization system can be charge via USB that can last for up to 6 hours of run-time. Aeon team is raising funds for production on Indiegogo, where it’s already raised over $6,389 of its $50k… Continue reading Aeon GoPro Stabilizer

Lost GoPro Found 2 Years Later With Stunning Shots

Back in June 2013, Bryan Chan and his four friends lost their GoPro after using a balloon to send it 98,000ft high. Two year later, the team got a phone call from a woman who found a strange box with their names on it. In it was the camera and all of the original images still… Continue reading Lost GoPro Found 2 Years Later With Stunning Shots