Rockmate: The Rock Studio for iPad

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully… Continue reading Rockmate: The Rock Studio for iPad

Crazy Coffins Exhibition

Crazy Coffins is Nottingham-based traditional coffin maker that took on a new marking identity when people started asking to customize their own coffins with their own particular tastes, some of the coffins were designed and shaped like Bottles, Guitars, Railway Carriages, air plains, ballet shoe, and the strangest of them all was a dumpster.  The coffins were exhibited at the… Continue reading Crazy Coffins Exhibition

The Making of Transformers 3 Sound Effects

Director Michael Bay and Producer Steven Spielberg return this summer for the third film in the Transformers franchise, Tranformers: Dark of the Moon. The amazing visual effects in this film are complimented by the talented efforts of the sound team including Re-recording Mixers Greg Russell and Jeff Haboush, and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designers… Continue reading The Making of Transformers 3 Sound Effects