Smart Billboard Coughs When Smokers Walks By

Swedish ad agency Akestam Holst created an anti-smoking campaign by attaching smoke detectors to the digital display billboard. They chose a location in Stockholm’s Odenplan square where people often smoke. The digital screen features a simple photo of a male model. If people walk by ad with a lit cigarette the man in the ad will… Continue reading Smart Billboard Coughs When Smokers Walks By

Hairdresser Cuts Hair with Swords and Fire

Spanish hairdresser Alberto Olmedo has a unique style of cutting hair in his Madrid salon. He uses Samurai swords, claw-like scissor and blowtorches to create his signature hair styles. Watch the video below.

Hair Blowing Subway Ad

A Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hj√§rtat¬†teamed up with innovative advertising agency Akestam Holst¬†to¬†created a subway ad that moves a model’s¬†hair whenever a train enters the station. The creative Agency¬†installed an ultrasonic sensors behind the display screens on a subway platform and then connected the sensors to the screen via a¬†Raspberry Pi¬†microcomputer. Watch the video below.

Teen Turns YouTube Channel Into Fashion Empire

Bethany Mota¬†made¬†her first¬†YouTube video, at the age of 13¬†in 2009 and has since become a¬†superstar of the shopping haul, in which users show off the clothing or makeup they bought on recent shopping trips. Now, at the age of 18, the fashion icon¬†has her own branded fashion line at teen-centric mall staple Aeropostale, thanks to… Continue reading Teen Turns YouTube Channel Into Fashion Empire

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

YouTube guru Tori Locklear got more that 5,8 Million views after she burns her hair off with a curling iron on her first video tutorial. Poor girl, it took her a really long time to process what happened. Now she needs to burn the other side off so it will look the same! Watch Tori in the video below.