Smashburger Opens in Salmiya

Last night I was at Smashburger Salmiya soft opening to try their burgers for the second time. Once again, it was awesome! I had the limited edition Chicago burger, it comes with a half-pound Angus burger served on a pretzel bun and topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, haystack onions, tomato and mustard. You got to try it… Continue reading Smashburger Opens in Salmiya

Outback Steakhouse in Dubai

On my short business trip to Dubai I had the chance to stop by the Australian-themed American restaurant Outback Steakhouse at Dubai Mall and tryout their famous Bloomin’ Burger. The restaurant’s menu is full of amorous-sounding dishes, but I simply couldn’t resist not to try the Bloomin’ Burger. Its topped with Bloomin’ crispy onion pearls, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and the Bloomin’ secret Onion sauce. The burger just… Continue reading Outback Steakhouse in Dubai

Shake Shack Bloggers Night

We were invited to Shake Shack bloggers night yesterday, they gave us a tour of the place then we saw a small video about Shake Shack all around the world and how it’s so amazing and why is it so yummy and why do people love it so much! Then it came time to taste… Continue reading Shake Shack Bloggers Night

Brazilian Chain Wraps Burgers in Edible Paper

Would you eat the paper wrapper on a fast food burger? As crazy as it sounds, Bob’s fast food chain in Brazilian wrapped their burgers in edible paper as part of a recent marketing campaign. Watch the customers eat the wrapped burgers in the video below.

The New California Whopper from Burger King

The new limited edition California Whopper from Burger King is a Whopper burger topped with tomatoes, crisp lettuce, guacamole sauce, chipotle sauce, crispy bacon, two slices of melted Swiss cheese, raw onion, pickles, and a combo of mayo and ketchup all on a sesame seed bun. The flame-broiled burger is a bit spicy from the guacamole sauce, making… Continue reading The New California Whopper from Burger King

McDonald’s New Pretzelnator Burger

This burger sure looks good!! The Pretzelnator is a burger topped with ham and Italian cheese in a pretzel bun, sounds delicious?! The Pretzelnator is a part of the Mein Burger campaign for McDonald’s Germany, which employs crowd sourcing by getting customers to create their own burgers and put them up to an online vote. The campaign was launched to… Continue reading McDonald’s New Pretzelnator Burger

The New Steakhouse Burger From Burger King

Introducing the new Steakhouse Burger from Burger King. This premium sandwich packs a flavorful ingredients with bits of crispy onion and Swiss cheese inside the juicy flame-broiled burger that’s topped off with Marinara Sauce, tomatoes, crisp lettuce and Garlic Mayo on a premium bakery style bun. The Steak House Burger is now available at all Burger King restaurants in Kuwait for… Continue reading The New Steakhouse Burger From Burger King