Body Painting Artist Blends Models Into City Backgrounds

Talented artist Trina Merry spends up to eight hours painting the bodies of models so that they are almost invisible to the eye by blending them into the backgrounds of familiar iconic landscapes. The 34 year old artist unveils her new project entitled “Sweet Land of Liberty”, in which she makes her models disappear before famous… Continue reading Body Painting Artist Blends Models Into City Backgrounds

Amazing Batman Body Painting

Kay Pike has posted an amazing time lapse (1,000x speed) video that shows her painting a Batman costume on her own body. She captured the footage while she was streaming live on Twitch. You can find Kays work collection available on Facebook and Instagram. Watch the video below.

Artist Paints Portraits on His Hand and Stamps Them on Paper

Artist Russell Powell uses his hand as a stamp to create a series of stunning celebrity portraits. The artist paints the portraits directly on his hand and then applies on a sheet of paper as a stamp, while the ink is still wet.

Eliza Bennett Embroiders Her Own Hand

British artist Eliza Bennett has literally sews lines into her hand as a canvas for her work. Considering the flesh as a base material, Bennett carefully stitches patterns and lines into the epidermis of her body using colored thread. The end result is a palm that looks stitched and gauzed up, bloodied and battered. Basically, the hand… Continue reading Eliza Bennett Embroiders Her Own Hand