Hand-Painted Persian Carpets By Jason Seife

Miami-based artist Jason Seife has beautifully created paintings inspired by complex patterns found in Persian carpets using a combination of acrylic and ink. Seife work is based on the history of classic carpet designs, with particular choices of pattern and color for ancient weaving craft in a new light.

Carnival at Wahran Park

Checkout the Annual Carnival at Wahran Park in Shamiya Area. The event will start today at 4:00 pm and continue until around 11:00 pm, for 3 days. During this time there will be various booths features handcrafted projects, competitions, prizes, restaurants, kids activities and much much more. Website: DZign HD , Follow: DzignHQ

1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper

Jonathan Brand build every single part of the 1969 Ford Mustang made -compliantly- out of paper. He is very skilled when it comes to handling paper. Using 3D software he’s able to flatten out a model of the car into printable sections that can then be carefully folded and glued together. Jonathan has completed the engine, the seats, a… Continue reading 1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper