Hand-Painted Persian Carpets By Jason Seife

Miami-based artist Jason Seife has beautifully created paintings inspired by complex patterns found in Persian carpets using a combination of acrylic and ink. Seife work is based on the history of classic carpet designs, with particular choices of pattern and color for ancient weaving craft in a new light.

Carnival at Wahran Park

Checkout the Annual Carnival at Wahran Park in Shamiya Area. The event will start today at 4:00 pm and continue until around 11:00 pm, for 3 days. During this time there will be various booths features handcrafted projects, competitions, prizes, restaurants, kids activities and much much more. Website: DZign HD , Follow: DzignHQ

1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper

Jonathan Brand build every single part of the 1969 Ford Mustang made -compliantly- out of paper.¬†He is very skilled when it comes to handling paper.¬†Using 3D software he‚Äôs able to flatten out a model of the car into printable sections that can then be¬†carefully¬†folded and glued together. Jonathan has completed the engine, the seats, a… Continue reading 1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper