Bluewire: Bluetooth Headset Call Recorder

Bluewire is the world’s smartest Bluetooth headset headset smartphone calls recorder. The device is able to record automatically both sides of your phone conversation. It can also record Skype and VOIP calls through a computer, or your phone. The recordings will be kept in the headset internal storage that can hold up to 1,000 hours… Continue reading Bluewire: Bluetooth Headset Call Recorder

ReadyCase: Multi-Function iPhone Case

ReadyCase is a very unique and exciting multi-function case for both iPhone 4/4s and the all new iPhone 5. The case is designed to easily fit in your pocket (less than 3mm thick). Made of aerospace grade composite materials. It features 3 integrated photo lenses, headphone clip, 8 or 16 gigabyte USB flash drive, multi-tool including bottle opener, blade and screwdriver, just… Continue reading ReadyCase: Multi-Function iPhone Case