Green Tea Vs Black Tea

While both black and green teas are made from the same plant, called Camellia Sinensis. Green tea leaves undergo minimal processing, while black tea has gone through an oxidation process, called fermentation. Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out, explains the difference between black tea and green tea, what the two teas have in common and… Continue reading Green Tea Vs Black Tea

EcoMill Treadmill

EcoMill Treadmill, made by Woodway, is an eco-friendly workout machine that requires no electricity. The device works through the use of an on board generator that converts human movement into energy. In addition to being greener than their electric relatives, self-powered treadmills can charge a phone or other gadget via USB while you sweat. EcoMill Treadmill does’t come… Continue reading EcoMill Treadmill

Maxx Bench: First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press

Maxx Bench is a free weight bench system with a built in gravity release for safety. The Maxx Bench uses a hydraulic system to allow the athlete to rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever. Its a clever idea, which will put an end to the dangerous accidents of getting trapped… Continue reading Maxx Bench: First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press

Super Fit 53 Year Old Man

Anthony Alderman from Brooklyn, New York, is a ridiculously ripped vegan that hasn’t eaten red meat since 1980. Alderman 53-year-old wakes up everyday at 7A.M with his daughters to get a quick workout in on one of the nearby neighborhood scaffolds, and that’s what kept him looking young and fit all these years. Take a look into the life of the… Continue reading Super Fit 53 Year Old Man

Most Pull-Ups in One Minute

Singaporean Yeo Kim Yeong sets a new Guinness World Record by achieving a total of 44 pull ups in under just 60 seconds at the Genesis Gym in Singapore on 6 June 2015. The Singaporean strongman broke the previous mark of 42 pull ups achieved by David Bourdon, after undertaking a year of extreme physical… Continue reading Most Pull-Ups in One Minute