Champions of the World: Musical Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Remix artist John D. Boswell aka “Melodysheep” has created “Champion of the World“, an incredible musical tribute to the greatest sportsman of all time Muhammad Ali, using iconic videos clips and quotes of the legendary boxer. Watch the video below.

The Mountain Breaks the World Keg Toss Record

Actor Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson aka ‘The Mountain’ smashes the world keg toss record at the World’s Strongest Man qualifying event in Sweden. The Game of Thrones star threw the 15kg (33lbs) keg 7.05 meters (24 feet 6 inches), comfortably taking first place in the competition. Watch the video below.

Muscle Barbie

Julia Vins 18-year-old Russian girl with the face of a French doll and the body of the Hulk. The latest social media star have attracted thousands of fans on her Instagram. The innocent faced teenager even holds three world powerlifting records and can lift up to 180 kg in training. She claims men are often jealous of her strength and muscly physique. Julia also transformed… Continue reading Muscle Barbie

5-Year-Old Boy Doing 90-Degree Push-Ups

Claudio Stroe (five-year-old) performing an astonishing rounds of 90-degree push-ups in a video taken by his father Lulian Stroe. Claudio and his brother Giuliano are considered to be the world’s strongest boy bodybuilders. They go through an exhausting two hour weight-training sessions seven days a week. via: Laughing Squid

The World’s Strongest Boys

Giuliano Stroe, aged 9, and his brother Claudiu, seven-year-old, hit the headlines as they trained to be the world’s strongest boys in a family of bodybuilders dubbed. The Romanian-born brothers have earned the moniker of “Hercules Brothers” for their incredible brawn and brute force. Both boys has been weightlifting since they were just two-years-old in Florence, Italy… Continue reading The World’s Strongest Boys

Muhammad Ali Portrait Made of 1300 Punching Bags

Artist Michael Kalish went big with a sculpture of three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, and 2,500 pounds of aluminum pipe to construct a 22-foot-high installation that took three years to complete. The sculpture is on display at L. A. LIVE in Los Angeles. Watch the video below. Via: Wired