Cut Resistant Clothing Could Save Your Life

Cut-Tex PROĀ is a cut resistant clothing made from the highly effectiveĀ advancedĀ fabric. PPSS is the company behind this groundbreaking fabric, that specializes in manufacturing the cut resistant shirts, sweatshirts, tops, and jackets. Its developed to protect combat troops, the police and otherĀ front lineĀ security professionals from life threatening knife attack injuries. Watch the video demonstration below. via:Ā Ohgizmo

Vilebrequin Summer Swimwear Collection at 360 Mall

As a part of its marketing campaign, Vilebrequin has recently organized a special and unique event at the 360 Mall, Kuwait in order to display its luxurious collection to different audiencesĀ segments and more specifically to beach lovers and prepare them for the fun-filled summer season. This event was held on May 11thĀ and it will be… Continue reading Vilebrequin Summer Swimwear Collection at 360 Mall

The 1st Vilebrequin store in Kuwait

Vilebrequin,Ā the trend-setting French menā€™s beachwear company, is today recognized world wide as the leading name for chic boxer shorts and accessories for the sun. The first swimming trunks were created in St. Tropez in the 1970s, their distinctive style along with high quality and unusual fabrics proved aninstant success. Devoted to crafting beautiful fashion items,… Continue reading The 1st Vilebrequin store in Kuwait