HUDWAY Glass: Head Up Navigation Display

HUDWAY Glass is a head up transparent image reflected from your smartphone display directly onto the windshield of your car. Drivers can easily read their current speed, turn-by-turn directions, and other information. HUDWAY Glass head up navigation display is available for $49.95. Watch the video below.

3D Characters in Microsoft’s New HoloLens App

Microsoft launched the new HoloLens app Actiongram that lets the user create augmented reality stories by placing holograms of characters. Stage your own video creations by moving, resizing, rotating, and recording these holograms in your home, and then share those videos with your friends. Microsoft will start shipping the HoloLens augmented reality headset on March… Continue reading 3D Characters in Microsoft’s New HoloLens App

Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display

The Iris is a visor-mounted transparent display that features information in front of the driver without distracting focus from the road. The device fits any car regardless of dashboard geometry and gives a cleaner visual backdrop. The Iris works via smartphone app (compatible with iOS and Android), which is accessed through a Bluetooth connection. The phone communications and applications are… Continue reading Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display

Microsoft HoloLens: Augmented Reality Headset

Microsoft revealed a new wireless holographic headset the HoloLens alongside new operating system Windows 10 on January 21, 2015 at an event in Redmond, Washington. The Microsoft HoloLens allows you to view holograms in high definition and hear them in surround sound, even if they are behind you. And with advanced sensors, Microsoft HoloLens can… Continue reading Microsoft HoloLens: Augmented Reality Headset