A Portrait Drawn By Hand with 1 Million Ink Dots

French artist David Bayo created a beautifully shaded portrait using his rotring rapidograph technical pen to place a seemingly endless flow of tiny dots. The portrait took nearly 90 hours to complete, with 1 million ink dots. Watch the video below.

Famous Disney Characters Brought To Life

Digital artist Jirka V√§√§t√§inen from¬†Melbourne, Australia¬†has created portraits of ‘real life’ Disney characters, like¬†Cinderella’s Prince Charming, along with Princes Phillip, Eric and Adam from Sleeping Beauty, all¬†brought to life through digital painting.¬†John Smith from Pocahontas, Aladdin, Hercules and Tarzan also feature in the series. Previously, V√§√§t√§inen also enjoyed viral success with his series of images… Continue reading Famous Disney Characters Brought To Life

Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Women in Water

New York City-based artist Sean Yoro paints hyper-realistic murals of women all while floating on water! Yoro, aka hula, carefully carrying cans of colored paint on the edge of his board to produce these gorgeous paintings on concrete walls, creating a realistic reflection effect on water. Check out the rest of the artist beautiful paintings on his Instagram account. via: My Modern Met

Amazing Highly Detailed Miniature Dodge M37 Truck

A¬†very talented guy has build a highly detailed¬†Dodge M37 body from scratch for his remote control car, which took¬†60 hours of build time. The end result is incredible! The body is made mostly with 3mm Komacel and 1.5mm polystyrene sheets, glued with CA Super Glue. Driver is pine, bumper is aluminum. Watch the building process… Continue reading Amazing Highly Detailed Miniature Dodge M37 Truck

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Miniature Models

Japanese artist Satoshi Araki created a highly realistic miniature dioramas of streets, damaged vehicles and demolished buildings. It’s very hard to believe these photos are just miniatures, if it weren’t for the finger that appears in some of the pictures you would think¬†its real.