Cornetto Glow in The Dark Ice Cream

The latest ice cream sensation glows in the dark that will have you look at ice cream in a whole new way. The popular ice cream cone company Cornetto teamed up with Bompas & Parr to created a radiates yellow glowing ice cream, when licked, leaves you with fluorescent features. Audiences at London’s Leicester Square movie theater were surprised when their flavored frosty bite… Continue reading Cornetto Glow in The Dark Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs Tomato and Carrot Flavored Ice Cream in Japan

Haagen-Dazs Japan has launched a SpoonVege “Tomato Cherry” and “Carrot Orange” ice cream flavors in Japan. The company is currently running a promotion through its Facebook page for a chance to win free samples of the two vegetable ice cream flavors. “Spoon Vege” is set to hit Japanese marketplace shelves on May 12.

Scoop a Cone Opens in Al Dasma

We were invited for the opening of Scoop a Cone‘s new branch in Al Dasma area. While entering the parking I saw drive through service and I was like oh my god how cool is that!!! I gotta admit I was impressed hahaha. The minute we walked in we were well welcomed and I loved… Continue reading Scoop a Cone Opens in Al Dasma

Shake Shack Bloggers Night

We were invited to Shake Shack bloggers night yesterday, they gave us a tour of the place then we saw a small video about Shake Shack all around the world and how it’s so amazing and why is it so yummy and why do people love it so much! Then it came time to taste… Continue reading Shake Shack Bloggers Night

Giant Melting Popsicle

A giant colored popsicle was placed into the gallery to slowly melt over the course of the day. The giant popsicle ice Sculptures is created by Argentinian artist Luciana Rondolini as part of her “Cosmic Calamity” series. via: Laughing Squid, Jeannie Jeannie