Eye Of The Tiger in the Voices Of 20 Singers

Musician Anthony Vincent has recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel Ten Second Songs where he performed Eye of a Tiger by Survivor in the style of twenty famous singers.

One Man Impersonates The Voices Of 20 Singers

This guy can imitate famous singers and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Voiceover artist Damien Slash has an insane ability to impersonate popular male singers. Watch the video below to see him impersonate the voices of 20 different singers. He does everyone from David Bowie to Busta Rhymes and everyone in… Continue reading One Man Impersonates The Voices Of 20 Singers

Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Scottish student Chelsea Marr, 24, bears an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She gained herself an incredible number of fans on Instagram rise to more than 66,000 followers, with hundreds liking and commenting on her pictures. But Chelsea revealed she is not a model but works as an operations manager for an oil… Continue reading Scottish Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Real Life Peter Griffin At New York Comic Con

A New York man who looks and sounds exactly like the Family Guy character Peter Griffin has become an internet star, with video of him impersonating the character getting millions of hits on YouTube. Robert Franzese, from Long Island, had fans of the show doing a double-take, after he attended the 2014 Com Con comic book convention in Griffin’s trademark,… Continue reading Real Life Peter Griffin At New York Comic Con

Oprah Winfrey Spotted In Kuwait!?

Oprah Winfrey look alike was spotted shopping at the Grand Avenues mall today. Her name is Caroline Hodge and she is an Oprah Winfrey impersonator. By the way, some of the people who took pictures with her still think that she is the real Oprah!

Fake Psy Fools Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

A fake Gangnam Style singer psy enjoyed a weekend in lap of luxury at Cannes Film Festival, while the real Psy was actually in Singapore for his show. The anonymous impersonator was allowed access to everywhere from the luxurious Carlton Hotel, Martinez Beach, and VIP private parties. He even partied with stars including Bond girl actress Naomie Harris.