BeON Home Smart Light Bulbs

BeON Home is a smart LED light bulbs that learn and replicate your everyday interaction with your light switches to deliver effective and preventative home security. The smart lighting system carries a backup rechargeable battery to ensure the light will stay on even if the power goes out. The light bulbs provide 800 lumens (about… Continue reading BeON Home Smart Light Bulbs

Black Hole: Amazing Colorful LED Water Slide in Germany

The Black Hole is an amazing colorful LED water slide in Bremerhaven, Germany’s Bad 1 Water Park. The water slide starts off in total darkness before red, green and blue running light rings start flashing before your very eyes. Watch the video below.

Sony LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

Sony launches an LED light bulb with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that screws into a light fitting to give your living space the combination of a warm-colored light and sound. The brightness of the bulb is measured at 360-lumen, meaning that it’s more of mood lighting rather than a spotlight. It can be paired with… Continue reading Sony LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

Dubai New Years Celebration 2015

A dazzling never-before-seen show of fireworks, LED light and laser beam displays, has once again positioned Dubai on the global map with the world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve event. Enjoy video and witness Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai light up the sky from all angles.

A Sweater That Changes Color Based on Your Mood

SENSOREE created a unique wearable device, called the GER Mood Sweater, that changes color around the collar based on your mood, via interactive LED light. The GER Mood Sweater sensors technology is based on the same Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) used in the usual lie detectors, this specially designed sweater uses a soft sensor design called the Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER). The GER Sweater reads… Continue reading A Sweater That Changes Color Based on Your Mood