Drone Video Reveals A Closer Look At Apple New Campus

Matthew Roberts has posted an update of overhead drone footage showing the amazing progress of the new Apple Campus 2 corporate headquarters under construction in Cupertino, California. The building is scheduled for completion in early 2017. Watch the video below.

Apple Campus 2: Construction Progress

Matthew Roberts shot a 4K video of the current construction progress of the Apple Campus 2 headquarters in Cupertino, California. The spectacular structure was taken using a Phantom DJI 3 drone.

Man Converts Old School Bus Into Mobile Home

Patrick Schmidt bought a used 1990 school bus and turned it into a motor home with the help of his father. Schmidt got the blue bus from a church in Santa Barbara, California for $4,500, and then spent almost three months for re-modeling which cost him about $9,000. After removing the roof, the interior, and changing… Continue reading Man Converts Old School Bus Into Mobile Home

Living in a Boeing 727 Airplane

Bruce Campbell bought a Boeing 727 from the scrapheap and turned it into his home, complete with wings, and landing gear resting on pillars. The former electrical engineer lives in his jetliner near Portland, Oregon since 1999. The airplane contains a makeshift sleeping space and a kitchen area complete with microwave and toaster. Watch the video below.

World’s First Supersonic Private Jet

Flexjet has placed a 20-unit order on the Aerion AS2, the world’s first supersonic private jet, developed in collaboration with Airbus using Supersonic Natural Flow technology, created under DARPA and tested by NASA. The private jet plane is expected to be ready to operate by the year 2023. Watch the video below. via: Gizmodo

Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept

Hyundai has revealed a new and elegant concept car, the Vision G, a luxury styled coupe that previews what the Korean automaker has in store for its future cars. The Vision G comes with a 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine produces 420 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 383 lb. ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm.

The Voyage

Photographer Beno Saradzic created an amazing time-lapse of the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The incredible two and a half minutes video of the Mosque was shot over several months. The result is an extraordinary journey through the most amazing architecture design.

Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display

The Iris is a visor-mounted transparent display that features information in front of the driver without distracting focus from the road. The device fits any car regardless of dashboard geometry and gives a cleaner visual backdrop. The Iris works via smartphone app (compatible with iOS and Android), which is accessed through a Bluetooth connection. The phone communications and applications are… Continue reading Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display