Nawaf Al Safi Dominates Red Bull Kart Fight in Kuwait

Nawaf Al Safi clinched the 2012 Red Bull Kart Fight title in Kuwait which was held at the exterior parking of the 360 Mall. The event held in collaboration with the Quarter Mile Club of Kuwait and with the sponsorship of Nissan Al-Babtain proved to be action packed and entertaining as a large number of… Continue reading Nawaf Al Safi Dominates Red Bull Kart Fight in Kuwait

Red Bull Kart Fight in Kuwait

Karting drivers in Kuwait gear up to experience the feeling of a real race; the adrenaline leading in to the minutes before departure, the intoxicating mix of burnt rubber, race fuel and the thrill of the grid departure. Red Bull Kart Fight is coming to Kuwait with the cooperation of Quarter Mile Club, to find… Continue reading Red Bull Kart Fight in Kuwait

Kuwait Bulletin

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