Apple Watch Coming in April

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in April 2015. Cook did not reveal any new pricing details for the Apple Watch other than what was announced back in September “at a starting price of $349”. The smart wearable will be made available in three styles: the regular model, an Apple Watch Sport version aimed at… Continue reading Apple Watch Coming in April

The Original Apple Watch

Back in 1995, Apple had created The original Apple Watch, a custom-made wrist watch with anodized aluminum bezel and scratch-resistant glass as an incentive for users to upgrade to Mac OS System 7.5. A limited number of these vintage timepieces were kept by a distributor and have now been made available for sale. The Original Apple… Continue reading The Original Apple Watch

Square Stand Turns iPads Into Cash Registers

Square Stand is a point of sale system that reinvents the idea of cash register with the help of iPad and Square’s software. The countertop device will make the payment processing experience for small businesses much easier with a simple and stylish alternative to traditional cash registers. The Square Stand comes with integrated card reader in front and connects to hardware accessories… Continue reading Square Stand Turns iPads Into Cash Registers

Woman Streams Silly Pictures On Stolen iPad

Allen Engstrom lost his iPad on a flight from Phoenix to Denver more than a month ago. He linked all of his Apple devices to the iCloud system, which wirelessly backs up and syncs data, including his personal photos. Engstrom says he’s been able to get a good look at the person who may have… Continue reading Woman Streams Silly Pictures On Stolen iPad

iPod Touch Survives 100,000 Foot Fall From Space

G-Form, a company well known for delivering the most extreme electronics cases, drops an Apple’s latest iPod touch in a case from 100,000 feet above the Earth in the company’s XTREME iPhone 5 case. Back in January of last year, G-Form sends an iPad into space tied to a weather balloon with a 6oz Extreme… Continue reading iPod Touch Survives 100,000 Foot Fall From Space

Cavarat Mall: Online Mobile Accessories Store

Cavarat Mall is an online shopping for mobile and tablet accessories. You can choose from a large collection of accessories which include, iPod’s and iPhone accessories, Blackberry’s, and cool skin covers. Even the latest Samsung phones like the Galaxy S3. You will have access to hundreds of accessories at a very reasonable price and best of… Continue reading Cavarat Mall: Online Mobile Accessories Store

Exclusive Look: Inside an iPad Factory

Rob Schmitz, Shanghai bureau chief for American Public Media’s Marketplace is the second reporter ever to visit the factory floor at Apple’s Chinese producer Foxconn. He gave a glimpse of his exclusive tour of the assembly line and the Foxconn facilities. Watch the video below. Via: Mashable