Urban Armor Gear Case For iPhone 6

Urban Armor Gear has recently launched its ultra-rugged Adventure Case for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The case provides maximum protection without the added weight. It’s designed from a light composite material that provides an armor shell for your smartphone with an impact resistant soft core that ensures your phone stays safe and secure. The case… Continue reading Urban Armor Gear Case For iPhone 6

BRV-Bank: Smart Ultra Rugged Portable Backup Battery

The BRV-BANK is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled, USB controlled ultra-rugged portable backup battery by Braven. This 6000 mAh rugged power solution is built with an IPX5 water-resistant rubber exterior and is designed to power your devices wherever you go. With the ability to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it, the BRV-BANK is designed for emergency preparedness… Continue reading BRV-Bank: Smart Ultra Rugged Portable Backup Battery

Mophie Power Reserve Battery Charger

Mophie has created a compact battery charger for the iPod and iPhone. The 1350mAh device is designed for charging on the go, featuring an integrated Lightning connector cable and key ring, makes it easy to carry wherever you’re going. Mophie’s Power Reserve is 1.5” wide, 2.84” tall, and 0.56” thick. It’s currently available in 3… Continue reading Mophie Power Reserve Battery Charger

Loop Nano Watch Band

The Loop watch band is a one-piece silicone watch band that seamlessly integrates the sixth and seventh generation iPod Nano into a high end timepiece. The material provides a comfortable and lightweight fit and with a wide variety of colors to choose from. The Loop watch band is available for $20 for one band or you can buy 3 different colors… Continue reading Loop Nano Watch Band

AirCassette Turns iPhone into 80’s Tape Player

Inspired by the 80’s cassettes, now you can get the same experience on your iPhone or iPod touch with AirCassette. The AirCassette App is a cassette player application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose your favourite cassette from a variety of nostalgic cassette models. The playing song information is written on the cassette label and… Continue reading AirCassette Turns iPhone into 80’s Tape Player

TableDrum – iPhone Drum Application

TableDrum is an Augmented Audio application that allows you to sync the sound of any real object and trigger a real time response of high quality drum sounds, without actually buying the real drum set. As you can see in the video below, the app uses the iPhone’s mic to detect your tapping and then… Continue reading TableDrum – iPhone Drum Application

The Move: Wear Your iPhone

I received an email from Jon and Lenny who wanted me to share with you guys their new design project on kickstarter called “The Move“. The Move is a holder for the iPhone 4/iPod touch that enables you to attach your device anywhere on your clothing. The really cool thing is that there are NO straps/clips/velcro/magnets required, only the screen of your… Continue reading The Move: Wear Your iPhone