Mada Enhanced the Online Gaming Experience

Mada Communications recently partnered with North African telecommunication company TeliaSonera to enhance the online gaming experience for online players in Kuwait, using Mada’s wireless internet service. Through this service Mada gave the players many advantages by giving them a quick response time while playing online games in both regional and international online communities. In addition… Continue reading Mada Enhanced the Online Gaming Experience

Review: ISDN Line By Mada

Few weeks ago I received the latest SoHo WiMAX router with ISDN line from Mada. Connecting the device was quick and simple to use. The setup couldn’t have been any easier, it was a matter of connecting up the wires and waiting for few minutes for the WiFi/ISDN signal to come up and you’re all set to go.… Continue reading Review: ISDN Line By Mada

AnonKuwait Hacked FASTtelco

After 2 hours from launching, a group of hackers from Kuwait called AnonKuwait hacked FASTtelco control panel page. According to the group, they want to send a clear message to all the internet service providers forcing them to stop the bandwidth cap. They even claimed that Qualitynet is going to be next in line!   Web site:… Continue reading AnonKuwait Hacked FASTtelco